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Chelmsford's Trusted Butchers

Quality meat and deli selection in our local butchers shop based in Chelmsford.

Friendly local butchers


Welcome to Milbury Meats & Hams Ltd, a proper, traditional butcher that has the top-quality fresh meat and poultry that you need, and all at a sensible price.


With decades of experience in the business, we know what people want from their local butcher: great meat, fair and affordable prices, and friendly service from a welcoming team. We like to think that we offer all that. If you’ve been looking for a traditional butcher, and you’re keen to avoid supermarket meat counters, then we’re here to provide you with exactly what you need.

Why not pop in and find out what we have available? We’d love to see you.

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Milbury Meats shop front
Butcher with Beef

Traditional butchers - see our video


Deli counter - see our video

Raw Sausages

Seasonal meat packs

Scotch Eggs

Event buffets

Chopping Meat

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Serving customers from across Chelmsford


Steak and ribs


What are you making for dinner? Whatever it is, come and see the team at Milbury Meats & Hams for the meat – we’ve always got lovely, fresh, seasonal meats available. As a traditional butcher, we value quality above anything else when we’re choosing what to stock, so we can confidently say you’ll love what we’ve got!

Barber Shop
Meat in containers


We know that there are lots of local hospitality industry businesses in the local area, and we want to build a relationship with yours! We work with many businesses to provide top-quality meat and deli produce at competitive prices – we know your customers will love what we offer! If you’d like to find out more, get in touch.

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What have we got in store?

Our deli counter

Our deli counter is always popular, thanks to a wide selection of fabulous meats, cheeses, and various accompaniments. We all enjoy good food, so that’s what we stock. Why not come along and see for yourself?

Handmade Pies

Everyone likes a little treat from the deli from time to time, and we have a mouth-watering selection waiting for you! Our range of pies and savouries are really something special, and we know you’ll be back!

BBQ meat packs

As soon as the sun comes out, the BBQs come out – it’s just how we are! If you want to have the best BBQ in the area, you need great meat. We’ll make sure you have it. Why not visit our shop and choose a BBQ pack?

Meats and accompaniments

Visit the shop or give us a call

Milbury Meats & Hams Ltd is what you’ve been looking for if you want a proper local butcher! We’re open Monday to Saturday, so why not see for yourself?

01245 353435

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